PAID ELECTION LETTER | Dangerous Misstatements From Town Council Candidates
by Matthew R. Hintermeister, Chair of the Political Action Committee and CAR Director/Board Member for the Telluride Association of REALTORS
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I attended the Town Council Candidate Forum last Thursday evening which was sponsored by the Rotary Club and the Telluride Association of REALTORS.  At the event, several anti-REALTOR comments were made by two of the candidates, namely, Bob Saunders and Chance Leoff.  While hearing such comments from Bob Saunders is nothing new (which included telling another candidate that she shouldn't admit to being married to a Realtor), he has a record of doing just this from his seat on council, I was stunned to hear the remarks made by Chance Leoff.

Chance currently serves at the Chair of the Historic & Architectural Review Commission.  He said "I understand that a substantial part of the community, particularly the Real Estate community, would very much not like to have any restrictions."  In the 13 years that I have been a TAR member as well as the nine years I have served on the TAR Board of Directors, I have never heard a REALTOR in our Association call for any such thing; Realtors clearly understand the benefit to our community by a reasonable and responsible commitment to historic preservation.  I myself served on HARC for three years and I believe in the necessity of it for the historic preservation of our town.

Chance, on the other hand, oversees HARC presently at a time when the approval process has never been so obstructive, litigious, arbitrary and unnecessarily prolonged.  HARC is dysfunctional in its present makeup and the Town Council needs to address this problem immediately.  The Telluride Association of REALTORS has many members whose clients have recently walked away from Telluride because of the nightmare they faced at HARC trying to get their home approved.  Losing these projects costs our entire economy much needed revenue that extends far beyond REALTORS to architects, contractors, trades people, designers, etc. This ineffective behavior by HARC is neither reasonable nor responsible.

Those same clients will not be in our restaurants and shops, where they spend far more per year on average than we as locals do.  Nor will they be donating their time and funds to our many non-profit organizations.  How many more of the people that our local economy needs most do we want to allow HARC to run out of our town?

Let's make HARC a positive part of our community once again.  And let's certainly make sure we have positive, decisive and inclusive representatives elected to our Town Council on November 5th! 


– Matthew R. Hintermeister, Chair of the Political Action Committee and CAR Director/Board Member for the Telluride Association of REALTORS

Endorsed By: Sue Berg, President of the Telluride Association of REALTORS, the TAR Board of Directors, Stewart Seeligson, Steve Patterson, James Lucarelli, Jill Masters, Banks Brown, Pam Guillory, Jake McTigue and Pat Pelisson and the TAR Political Action Committee’s George Harvey, Dirk DePagter and Michael Ward
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November 03, 2013
Matt, I usually speak up about the candidates I'm for, and not against those I'm not for. But in this case, I have to agree with your thoughts.

Maybe Bob would say it's all in jest, but interrupting Jenny to tell her she shouldn't admit to being married to a Realtor (at 5:12 of the recording, but I do believe that's likely where Bob's coming from, and that's truly a shame in a public forum.

And for Chance to characterize Telluride's Realtors as being in favor of no building & development restrictions is beyond inaccurate; it's just plain deceitful.

Ours (yes, it's my day job too) is one of the main, year-round economic engines of the town. And most of us are properly seen as, first & foremost, absolutely involved, supportive Town citizens, parents, players & participants, before we're negatively pigeonholed as Realtors, if that's what some need to do.

Jim Pettegrew

past Town Councilmember
November 02, 2013
Actually, 'Hinty', I saved some of the comments you wrote about me. Remember when you wrote in a DP blog that you heard me say at a Lift 7 meeting that I was against affordable housing because affordable housing increases crime? I don't have time to look through all my files to satisfy you, but here is an example of you and your realtor friends comments.

This was back in the days when anyone could post anything using any alias.

Aug 31, 2009 12:03 AM:

This from Not Eileen McGinley - "McGinley will not get my vote. Her commentary on how affordable housing increases crime is so offensive and clearly shows she has no interest in the working class here in Telluride."

eileen mcginley wrote on Aug 31, 2009 12:48 PM: " To Not Eileen:

I never made a 'commentary on how affordable housing increases crime.' The source of that rumor is Matt Hintermeister, who posted that I was against affordable housing and that I said, at a Lift 7 meeting, that affordable housing causes crime.

I denied ever saying such a thing and asked Matt to please provide some facts to back up his accusation. As I recall, I believe he said he was gathering his proof. That was some time ago, and to my knowledge, he never produced anything to verify his claim. I think it is time for MRH to either put up or shut up. "

Still waiting, HINTY.

During this time, you started calling anyone not in favor of over-development CAVE! Remember, Hinty? You were so clever. Thanks to you, all of CAVE's candidates won that year.

November 03, 2013
I stand by all of those comments, 100%.

Yes, that election was a CAVE win, however, Ann Brady won that year as well and she is certainly not a CAVE'er, so it wasn't a total loss, as you contend.


November 01, 2013
If you were referring to me, you know perfectly well who I am - unless you've told lies about so many people you cannot keep them straight in your memory.
November 01, 2013
Who else would I be referring to? Notice, I sign my letters and comments...

Well, lucky for me, I have friends that know you better than I do, so now I know that you are Eileen McGinley.

Yes, you did run for town council, for about two weeks, before you dropped out of the race when you got flustered by the facts.

I challenge you to name the statements that I made about you that were not true. Don't just call me a liar.

And, what is this about just being out to line my own pockets? Really Eileen? So, what do you have to say to the following:

TAB Board Member & Donor

Telluride Foundation Donor

Telluride First Time Homebuyer's Assistance Fund Donor

Hoot Brown Scholorship Donor

Angel Baskets Donor

Spur & River Trail Clean-up Volunteer

Ah Haa Donor

Served on HARC for 3 years

Furthermore, Telluride Eco Cleaners, which I am an owner of, gives gift certificates to EVERY non-profit that asks for them, as well as donating funds every you to another list of organizations; would you like that one too?

So, what more would you like me to be doing, Eileen?

-Matt Hintermeister
October 31, 2013

When I was running for town council, you accused me of many things, none of which were true. You do not have a reputation for truthfulness. Your take on almost every issue in town is based on your self-interest - sell more real estate - put more money in Matt's pocket.

The HARC guidelines determine what is allowed, not any one individual. It seems the realtor PAC would love to get rid of Saunders - guess they're mad he asked for a call up on one of Dirk's properties and Dirk lost. Your negative comments about Saunders and Chance are exaggerated, to say the least. You have no credibility outside of your PAC (and even within). Your vendetta against Saunders is payback and it's very disturbing.

If you are against Chance and Saunders, everyone should vote for them.

October 31, 2013
Emc2, I'm going with Matt on this one ,there is no us and them , only tax and spend ! There are ACTUAL obligations of the council to the towns people,not just utopian ideals.

And HARC and Chance are vinegar and water!

Time to lighten up ,be real,and get on with business.

October 31, 2013
Before I refute your ill-informed commentary, please have the temerity to identify yourself.

-Matt Hintermeister
November 01, 2013
actually I Lean, when i saw for whom you were voting - i then knew the candidates NOT to vote for. DOyster-"we need to raise the min. wage!" really? who works for anywhere near the min. wage in this town? it's not even close! he has a total disconnect from our community. he also told one person DROPPING OF A POSTED LETTER (25 secs of iddling in the freezing cold) - "don't you know who i am? im dave oyster. im your town councilman! now turn off your goddam car!" - just a poor use of power. CLeoff-"realtors want to get rid of HARC!" that is a total lie. we just want valentine and leoff to go by the guidelines that already exist. don't make up new ones as they go! don't worry, later chance mentioned he may have misspoke! (lied). BSaunders-he couldn't put his family first. how can we think he's going to put the town's family first. he too is concerned with a building being 3inches too high and not about the incoming families that bring volunteerism, philanthropy, being a future attribute to the community, investing money and time into our community,...(mind you-that building probably was already 6feet below its allowable height!). I Lean, thanks for making it clear.