Goodtimes:Get Rid of Synthetic Containers and Go Natural | Up Bear Creek
by Art Goodtimes
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PLASTICS … That was the prize line in The Graduate, and it’s been a miracle-worker for as long as we’ve been alive. It’s become ubiquitous in this industrial, oil culture of ours.

And finally scientists are coming to the same conclusion hippies knew instinctively four decades ago … According to a report in The Los Angeles Times, “Several dozen scientists [earlier this month] issued a strongly worded consensus statement warning that an estrogen-like compound in plastic [bisphenol A, or BPA]is probably causing an array of serious reproductive disorders in people … Used to make hard plastic, BPA can seep from beverage containers … baby bottles … large water-cooler containers, sports bottles … microwave-oven dishes … canned food liners … some dental sealants for children” … Truth is, once again, our cleverness is killing us.

FREE MARKET MESS … As Paul Krugman noted in The New York Times recently, America has fallen far behind in the cyber revolution. Our "high speed" connections are painfully slow by other countries' standards. According to the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, French broadband connections are, on average, more than three times as fast as ours. Japanese connections are a dozen times faster. Yes, and access is much cheaper in both countries than it is here. As a result, we're lagging in new applications for the Internet that depend on high speed. France leads the world in the number of subscribers to Internet TV; the United States isn't even in the top 10 … So, what went wrong? At one time, Silicon Valley’s innovations were leading the world. According to Krugman, “Bad policy. Specifically, the United States made the same mistake in Internet policy that California made in energy policy: it forgot –  or was persuaded by special interests to ignore -- the reality that sometimes you can't have effective market competition without effective regulation … And when the Bush administration put Michael Powell in charge of the F.C.C., the digital robber barons were basically set free to do whatever they liked. As a result, there's little competition in U.S. broadband -- if you're lucky, you have a choice between the services offered by the local cable monopoly and the local phone monopoly. The price is high and the service is poor, but there's nowhere else to go.”

BARD’S BIRTHDAY BASH … Come celebrate lyric early unretirement with the Paleohippie (62) and friends at Cimarron Books in Ridgway (across from the town square) on Saturday, August 18, starting at 4 p.m … And come buy a book. All proceeds will go towards a party at Cloud Acre.

PUBLIUS OVIDUS NASO … A big thank you goes out to Lita Bilotti; who took a marble & bronze snap of this legendary Roman poet on a white marble pedestal in Tomis, Rumania, where Augustus Caesar had him banished for corrupting the morals of Julia the Younger with his sexually explicit Ars Amatoria (The Loving Art). Tomis is the ancient Constanta, where Ovid died in 17 AD (Annus Domini, “Year of the Lord”):

Parve nec invideo

sine me liber ibis in urbem

ei mihi, quod domino

 non licet ire tuo

Little book, no grudges.

Go into the city without me.

Woe, even as your master,

I’m not allowed in.

WEEKLY QUOTA … "They make a wasteland, and call it peace." –Thanks to Gary Snyder for this excerpt from Tacitus, quoting a Scots warrior, regarding the Romans in Britain.

KGNU INTERVIEW … My good friend Celeste Labadie interviewed me at the Dreamtime Festival in Paonia several weeks ago, and the piece has just aired on KGNU-FM in Boulder/Denver … You can catch it on-line in the archives at:

TOKLAT … It was an honor to be invited to speak about Dolores LaChapelle and read some poetry from my new book at the famous Aspen home of Stuart and Isabel Mace. It was their sleddogs that were featured in the 50s TV show, Sgt. Preston of the Yukon, filmed in the Castle Valley that the Mace’s stewarded near the abandoned townsite of Ashcroft … The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, which the Maces helped found, now hosts events at the Catto Center at Toklat, which will include a fascinating demonstration and talk on Zapotec weaving this coming September by Elena Gonzalez Ruiz. The talented Nanna Borchert directs the Catto Center and creates a great presence … For more info, go to



Navajo Barbie parks

in the da'a k'e (farm)

with a wannabe Navajo Ken

smashes corn seedlings

in four 9-inch ribbons

reduces the amount of pollen and corn

available to the people

for that year,

and compresses

air out of the soil

reducing potential

crops of squash

and beans that might otherwise grow

t. zoEy bEnalli


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