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by Jack Pera
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In my column last week I outlined why the U. S. invasion, occupation and destruction of the country of Iraq was illegal and immoral. How so? The excuse primarily being an incident forever known as 9/ll. However, as far as is known, nobody from the country of Iraq, including Saddam Hussein, had anything to do with 9/11. Certainly none of the 9/11 terrorists were from Iraq.

To pursue an undeclared war and simply invade, occupy and destroy an innocent entity as in this case has been a tactic practiced since Cain slew Abel. Although precedent alone hardly provides the right to destroy an innocent country, at least it’s comforting to know that we weren’t the first to do this nor will we be the last.

Because it’s so immoral and illegal to invade, occupy and destroy an innocent country, I’ve racked my brain trying to figure out that the country of Iraq must have been guilty of something we could use to rationalize our action. Bingo, with a little creativity I’ve found more than enough. Turns out Iraq is guilty of plenty of things that will satiate our conscience and take the sting out of the unnecessary costs in lives and dollars we are spending on this tragedy. Without further ado or introduction, here is a partial dirty laundry list of things I can guarantee Iraq is guilty of:

Being blessed (or cursed) with a huge deposit of crude oil.

As far as America is concerned, being on the wrong side of the eternal Israeli-Arab conflict.

Providing a delectable opportunity to a huge cadre of U. S. war profiteers.

Not welcoming us with open arms and throwing flowers at our feet, as Dick Cheney claimed it would.

Providing a superb real-life proving ground for our latest hi-tech weapons gadgetry.

Having no idea it needed to “give ‘em democracy.”

Giving the U. S. yet another opportunity to invoke the manifest destiny principle.

Having the honor of being the next best available country in America’s quest towards world resource confiscation and political and military domination (empire).

Practicing a religion other than Christianity.

Being in the right place for the right country at the wrong time or the wrong place at the right time for the wrong country. (Or something or other along those lines).

Responding appropriately and honorably to being illegally, immorally and unjustly invaded. In other words, resisting and trying to repel a hostile invader. 

Not having the war weaponry anywhere close to equivalent of an armed-to-the-nuts country hell-bent on dominating the world in every way, excepting respect and popularity.

Warpath City

Regarding Iran, the Bushite henchmen are playing with fire, and not in the way you are thinking as you read this. They are faunching at the bit to attack Iran. If they do, it’s going to result in another war that invokes the law of (negative) unintended consequences far beyond those that have backfired in Iraq. One positive unintended consequence of bombing the crap out of Iran is that this action will produce so many negative consequences for America it will destroy the Republican Party. That’s a terrific start and might just be worth all the tragedy and cost. If we were to get really, really lucky it might demolish the rubber-stamp Democratic Party as well. Cherish and perish the thought.

Jeez, what a dreamer, me.

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