A Long Season of Heartache and Loss for Cutler and the Bears
by Gus Jarvis
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I was happily enjoying a good cup of black coffee on my morning commute to Ridgway last week when I heard a disturbing news report over the radio.

The number-one NFL best-selling jersey right now is none other than that of the whiney bum man-child Jay Cutler. Yes. His newly fashioned Chicago Bears jersey complete with his number and the stitching of his sour last name is the jersey bought by the most fans across the nation.

I spewed my coffee over the dashboard and across the windshield when I heard the sick and sad news.

I felt rage, disgust and then sadness. All of these poor bears fans don’t know what they are in for with this guy – a ton of interceptions, lots of bad talk and more than enough bitching and moaning toward coaches and his receiving crew. I remember when we pulled young Jay to the Broncos and there was so much hope and so much enthusiasm for the young QB in Denver. Many Bronco fans were blinded by the notion that he could be our next John Elway. Boy, where we in for a sad surprise, just like many of these fans are setting themselves up for in Chi-town.

When I was a fly-fishing guide, back in my youth, and a client would ask if we would be catching 30 rainbow trout or maybe even 40 rainbow trout. I would always answer: “We will be lucky to see just one rainbow trout.”

The reasoning behind it was simple: Expectations are the precursor to disappointment. And if they thought they were going to catch just one fish and ended up catching four or five, the outing was deemed successful (and my empty pocket was filled with needed tip money).

The same thing happened to us here in Broncoland with Cutler. He was going to be our shiny new Super Bowl MVP quarterback with few interceptions and just an all-around good attitude. Those expectations were a precursor to serious disappointment. He was full of interceptions and whiny behavior and couldn’t win a big game to save his life.

So I say this to all of you fans in the greater Chicago-land area: Save your insanity and lower your expectations of this young quarterback. He is a bum. He will blame everyone but himself when he plays poorly. You Chicagoans are preparing for another bone-cold harsh winter on the shores of Lake Michigan, and it won’t be getting brightened up by Jay. Don’t expect him to do well for your growing and improving team. All you will get is disappointment.

The NFL preseason is only going into its second weekend and already is starting in Chicago with Mr. Cutler. How about this headline in the Chicago Tribune: “Reality Intrudes as Jay Cutler Proves Human in Chicago Bears Debut.”

The Bears have had one game with Cutler and fans are already finding that the man-child isn’t all he has been hyped up to be. And guess what? He only played a small portion of that first preseason game, but he wasted no time in throwing his first interception. In true Jay Cutler form, he also wasted no time putting the blame on his receiver for his under-thrown ball, which ended in a pick.

When asked what happened on the dead-duck pass, Cutler simply brought receiver Devin Hester into the equation. “Devin is a more of a go-get-it guy,” Cutler told The Tribune. “He’s not really a back-shoulder, jump-up-and-get-it [guy] and…you learn from it.”

As it turns out, a receiver coach for the Bears laid the blame on both Cutler and Hester. Cutler had such a poorly thrown ball that it was Hester’s job then to break it up like a defender would. The last thing a quarterback needs to do to his receivers is turn them into defenders on his poorly thrown balls. That sounds like an offense I remember very well: Cutler in Denver.

I know, I know. Many of you reading this right now are saying, “Well, Gus, tell me about Kyle Orton’s three interceptions last week.”

Well, my expectations aren’t that high yet. And I don’t believe Kyle Orton’s Bronco jersey is even in the top 15 most sold NFL jerseys. I am not setting myself up for disappointment in the same magnitude Chicago fans are. And guess what? Orton didn’t blame anybody but himself for his poor play and vowed to get better as the season progresses. I guess from my standpoint, that’s all I can ask right now. If he came to Denver beating his chest like Cutler, it would be a different story, but he didn’t.

At least in Denver we have a good team and a young, innovative coach surrounding our quarterback. He has good receivers to throw to. In Chicago, on the other hand, Jay is the team. The organization has put all its chips on Cutler, which seems like a total loss and a hell of a lot of disappointment.

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August 27, 2009
Tom...not sure how to take your comment. Serious? Sarcastic? I'm guessing the latter. No...I'm not a recent graduate. Not from the East Coast. No I'm not in Colorado, though my family and I are planning a trip in October. And no...I'm not out to critique anyone's writing. However, it annoys me when I read articles that are written like good ol' Gus' here.

It's pretty obvious that his article is just a spiteful one. I can understand having hard feelings about what transpired here, but can we grow up? I truly doubt that Gus had these feelings prior to this fiasco. But I digress.

Here's my take: I didn't like how this situation went down. I had high hopes for the Bears (yes, Bears fan here), with Orton. We have Cutler now, and I still feel the same way. I don't see the Broncos being cellar dwellers though. I think this move is going to work out well for them too. They have a solid QB in Orton, who isn't going to put the Denver defense in as much trouble, because he's not going to turn it over as much. Plus, he's going to see more success with that great offensive line of theirs. Stick with what you're good at. If the Broncos run the ball, Orton will do enough to keep defenses honest, and the Broncos are going to surprise people.

Best of luck to both teams. I will be rooting for both to do well. I honestly will.
Tom Cason
August 26, 2009
Let me guess. aescrc27, you're a recent college graduate from the east coast who is out here in beautiful Colorado to be a ski bum, run some rivers, and break down everyone else's writing. Glad you're here cause there's definitely not enough of you guys around.
Casey Wilson
August 26, 2009
Steve Scott is a moron. All we have is Royal? We have one of, if not the best offensive line in football. We've got an ex-head coach running our defense, two hall of famers in the secondary in b-dawk and champ, a big young front three, and some speed at linebacker. Our d is going to be much improved. It couldn't of gotten any worse really. We robbed the Bears of their draft picks. Sir Neckbeard is ugly and has looked shakey but he's won more in this league than rummy face Cutler and Orton now has weapons. Cutler's got zero weapons and he's going to try to make plays on his own which we all know leads to plenty of picks, and a 17-20 career record in Denver. The Bears are going to be batteling the Lions for the last spot in the Norris.
August 26, 2009
Just sounds like jaded Broncos fans. I'm not saying the Bears are going to the Super Bowl, but I don't see the doom and gloom that you're predicting.

Nice writing though. I love how you word some of your analogies to pull off this "life is so horrible...so don't get your hopes up" negativity. Your description of how you were seeing all sunshine and roses until you heard the news about Cutler's jersey being the top selling at which point you spewed your coffee all over your car. Pretty classic use of hyperbole.
August 26, 2009
prettttttty sure it was your defense that couldnt win the games bro. we'll see you on saturday, and you can watch in horror as cutler lights up you defense, and sir neckbeard will choke like the cubs in the first round of the playoffs. but you go ahead and keep living in fantasyland. seems cozy.
Steven Scott
August 26, 2009
Gus you are a idiot. Denver will be cellar dwellar for roughly ten to fifteen years. McDaniels is another Bill Bellichick flunky, their defense is still horrible, Orton will have to have shootouts with other teams and he is not made for that, Marshall wants out and their is no denying that to win in the NFL you need talent. Chicago will be alright good running back decent recievers and a okay defense. Only thing Denver haves is Royal, Marshall and Scheffler sorry but you guys are wrong on this one Denver 4-12 Chicago 10 -6 no Shanahan no Cutler from the looks of it no Marshall.
Robbie Cooper
August 25, 2009
Gus, I've been reading your column for the past few years and I have to say that I enjoyed, and greed with, this one more than any other. The Bears fans are high off their asses if they think that the pre-madonna that is Jay Cutler is the answer to their twenty year dilema. All this guy is going to do is throw picks, lose big games, throw temper tantrums when his helmet radio isn't working - or if it's too windy, and the Bears fans will be left with disapointment and hate for the rummy face man-child from Santa Claus, Indiana.