Pryor:State of Town Affairs address | Guest Commentary
by John Pryor, Mayor of Telluride
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Happy Summer Telluride!  How lucky are we to wake up here every day?

There certainly are a lot of “affairs” going on in telluride.  Following the town’s recent successful fundraising efforts regarding the Valley Floor, and with the ultimate decision now safely in the hands of our Supreme Court, your government can now focus on other vitally important issues such as;  Affordable Housing, Sustainability, Pandora water treatment facility, Main St. economic vitality, Lift 7 area master planning, Hillside master plan, Spur construction, Festival and Event management, facilities planning, pedestrianization, traffic congestion reduction, regional transportation and ongoing support of our arts and cultural events.

Why not leverage the experience gained and the lessons learned with Valley Floor to meaningfully engage the many challenges this growing and popular destination resort faces?  With our excellent relationship with Mountain Village, Telski and the County, I am confident we can succeed in whatever we wrap our arms around and decide to focus on.  In the next few months we will be carefully crafting our goals and objectives and developing a budget for 2008.  Now is the time to get involved and help your local government prioritize its limited time and resources.  This council values your input and thanks you in advance for your involvement

All in all, this small town government “engine” is performing quite well.  Our 80 employees in 8 departments really do tackle an astounding number of issues... and from a problem solving point of view.

In closing, I’d like to say that in recent weeks, I have come to understand something quite remarkable about this community which occurred during the Valley Floor fundraising effort.  Weather you realize it or not, for the first time, I believe this community is now, finally, inextricably woven together.  How can this be, what has changed you may ask?  As you may know, the lion's share of the funds raised to fund the Valley Floor came from our 2nd homeowners or “part time residents”.  Yes, in the past we may have criticized some of them for having heated driveways or not using their beautiful homes very much.  But, it is abundantly clear now, that we share something much, much more important; we have the same passion for this outstanding place!  We do not want to see it destroyed by development and all that follows.   We share love for the scenic beauty of this area and we value open space.  It is clear to me that now and in the future we will all, together, fight mightily to preserve this very special and precious place.  Yes, there will be more battles.  How cool is that?  This is where you live, or visit, and this is what we have in common.  Powerful stuff! 

“Together we are Telluride!”

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