It’s Time Already for CU’s Hawkins to Bench His Failing Son
by Gus Jarvis
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It goes without saying, now that they are 1-3 and their only win has come against a weak Wyoming squad, that the University of Colorado Buffalos football team isn’t very good. The boys from the republic of Boulder just aren’t good. Slow. Undersized. No team leaders. While the Buffalos are seemingly weak across the board in both defense and offense, I am finding myself feeling bad for each and every player on that team because their coach, Dan Hawkins, is looking to be the worst coach in NCAA football.

And while we’re at it, why not get it all out on the table. Coach Hawkins has no business starting his son Cody as quarterback. Cody would be a good quarterback if he was still playing at the high school level. He was good when he took the bus to school. Now, all the kid does is throw interception after interception. He doesn’t have a good decision-making ability nor the arm strength to get the ball into tight situations. Cody needs to be benched.

To be fair here, I have never been a fan of CU football even though I am a Colorado native, so take what you like from this column. But let’s talk about what everybody is thinking. Coach Hawkins is definitely showing favoritism to his son who is dragging this team into the deepest of college gridiron ruts. It is as blatant as it gets. Cody does not deserve to be a starting quarterback and coach Dan should be held accountable for it.

The Buffs started this season with a magnificent loss at home to their friends from Fort Collins in the Rocky Mountain Showdown, 17-23. Like any good rival game, anything can happen and I thought that CU may still be a team to be reckoned with in the Big 12.

Then they were at Toledo in front of a national audience on a Thursday evening. CU got blown out 54-28 in front of the nation. (Believe me, coach Hawkins agreed to this game against Toledo because CU should have killed them in the national spotlight, but instead they embarrassed themselves.)

The Buffs decided to finally get a win against the Pokes of Wyoming 24-0. An offensive firestorm for the father and son against a terrible Wyoming team. Good for them. At least they got one win in before taking on the Mountaineers of West Virginia last weekend. Most of us who follow college football know that CU had no chance at beating the Mountaineers two years in a row. After being embarrassed by CU at last year’s Thursday-night-football matchup, West Virginia was going to play with a vengeance this year. Coach Hawkins, young Cody and everybody else between Boulder and Morgantown, W.V. knew this, and there was nothing the father/son duo would be able to do to stop it. CU lost 35-24 behind Cody’s three interceptions. There were times when Cody seemed to just heave the ball in the air with his eyes closed. Terrible.

Well, things aren’t getting any better for the Buffs. This weekend they will be taking on No. 2 Texas at Texas. Yeehaw. Go Buffs. This will be a close one I am sure. I am expecting a Texas win somewhere in the neighborhood of 63 to 9.

Here is what coach Hawkins should do: Bench his son. This will not only bring in a better quarterback with Tyler Hansen but it will bring new, renewed life to the team. Believe me, I am not the only fan thinking that Hawkins needs to bench his son. I’ll bet 95 percent of the players wish the same. They won’t beat Texas if they replace Cody but they might not lose by 50 points.

It would take a big man to bench his son in college football. It would take a bigger man to keep Hawkins on as coach this year if he doesn’t bench his son. The equation with the Buffs is simple, really. Keep Cody behind center and the team will continue this downward spiral into oblivion. Replace Cody and the team may pull out of the spiral and actually win a couple of big, Big 12 games. Go ahead Hawkins, I dare you to make the right decision.

On a side note, the next thing that coach Hawkins can do is discontinue the use of CU’s Thunder Tunnel. If you haven’t seen this, search it on YouTube. This would be no way for good football players to start a game. Instead of firing me up, the Thunder Tunnel would just make me want to cry with stupidity and I would probably have to go postal on Ralfie.
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