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by Art Goodtimes
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DAD BETTER … It’s been good sharing time with my dad out here in California, where the fruit trees are already blooming but the air is thick with pollutants and the roads clogged with cars. I really loved California when I was growing up, but it’s very hard to be here now. Everything paved and the pace maddeningly quick … I’ve managed to schedule appointments to go see his doc (who he hasn’t visited in a year) and his dentist (to get his dentures repaired so he can eat more than just mush), his union to talk about his benefits and social services to see what our future options might be … But most of all, it’s good to be his caretaker, much as he took care of me when I was a youngster. He has his faculties, and a great sense of humor, so he’s always joking. But he still yells at me, tells me to do this, do that. Even at 62, he manages to make me feel the little boy. Only, I’ve had to become the parent on this trip, overruling him on taking his meds, eating better, making appointments – he hasn’t left his home in almost a year now. I explained that I wanted to have him stay in the house his wife’s family owns as long as he wants, but he has to be able to take care of himself. And he understands that … But, honestly, I’m going to have to come back out here and check up on him a lot this year. So, I imagine I’ll be commuting back and forth to California on a regular basis. Luckily the computer allows me to do a lot of county business by email, and since I’m not chair of the board this year, I can participate in county meetings by phone when I can’t make it in person. That’s not optimal. But it works … I love my job, representing the people. But family has to come first in life. That’s something I’ve always believed … So, if you have questions on county business, feel free to contact me on my cell phone, 970/708.0387 or on my county email and I’ll try and get back to you as fast as I can.

EQUINOX … In many countries, today is considered the start of the new year. It’s a festival based on actual earth changes, not on some cultural belief system. So, welcome in spring. Even though it may feel like winter a while longer where we live, the sun has stood still, night has equaled day, and now day begins to lengthen as we move toward summer.

8000 DRUMS … My friend and herbalist Anne Calzada who works at Orvis sent me notice about a worldwide ceremony that began two years ago at the behest of the International Indigenous University on the Spring Equinox (which many peoples consider the start of a new year). … All you need to do is play a drum either alone, or with a group today, March 21, at 11 a.m. MST. The purpose is to fulfill the Otomi Prophecy. The Otomis are descendants of the Mayan Olmec and Toltec peoples. According to a vision revealed to the Otomi Elder Sages, the day when the sounds of 8,000 Sacred Drums join together will be the beginning of the healing of Mother Earth, of all the species and the human family in order to be able to live together on the road to Sacred Peace … And they have expanded the vision to ask everyone who resonates with this vision to unify ourselves and rediscover the seeds of the Four Directions in order to reactivate cosmic energy, heal historical wounds and honor Mother Earth by respecting life, liberty and the dignity of all peoples … The first great ceremony was held March 21, 2004 at the Otomi Ceremonial Center in Temoaya, Mexico, and there will be drum circles joined around the world on the Spring Equinox continuing every year until 2012.

EARTH HOUR … My holographic artist friend Ana MacArthur of Santa Fe just wrote me about this event where millions of people around the world are joining together to make a statement about climate change by turning their lights off for an hour. It's called Earth Hour and you can sign up to participate … Earth Hour is on March 29 from 8 - 9 p.m. local time, and it looks like it's going to be really big. So far 25 cities around the world are taking part, including Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix and San Francisco in the U.S. … Sign up by visiting and remember – Lights Out on March 29!

IMPEACHMENT … With everyone’s energies focused on the coming elections in November, problems trying to get folks out here to argue for and against it, and the divisive nature of the issue, the county has backed off from sponsoring our own impeachment hearings. In part because of comments I got from some local citizens who felt it was more a stunt than a serious attempt to examine the issues and others who felt it was way beyond our authority … Personally, I don’t agree with either point. I think it’s exactly our responsibility in a democracy to hold serious discussions of governance at every level of the republic and I believe we could have had a valuable debate and clarified the issues that we read about in the papers by having local meetings on impeachment … But then again, representing the people isn’t always about what I think or what I believe. It’s about listening to the people. Just like we did on the wilderness issue for Naturita Canyon. If I can’t convince citizens that what I believe makes sense or is good policy, then my job is to re-examine what I’m doing and see what makes sense for the majority. That’s how a democratic system works, and I’m proud that I live in a country – not where I always get my way, but – where we all work together to decide what’s in the common interest.

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pouring language

like Helen Frankenthaler

poured acrylic

while smoking

& waving his arms

with all the wild

cryptic play of


free electricity

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