Saying Goodbye to Kevin Green
by Art Goodtimes
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A SEASON OF LOSSES … The Green Brothers have a long history in Telluride. And extreme skiing has been one of their trademarks … To lose Kevin to a skiing accident saddens us all … I grew up with two brothers. Something special about a trio of boys that conjures up the Three Musketeers for me – dashing daredevil figures. And the Greens have been that, for sure. Legend in their own time … I know it’s part of the demographic of being older that we keep losing so many of our friends and loved ones. I understand that. But I never really understand it … Why is life all tied up with dying? Dunno. It’s just part of the package. It will always be a mystery … Many of us put names on it and rituals and that’s wonderful. Whatever can heal over the great sadness of losing someone you love … Dolores. Dad. Doug. Kevin… The litany grows longer as we grow older … My heart goes out to the whole Green clan. A time of mourning. A time to sing the praises of one good man.

PEACE WALK … Last month was the hundredth time that the San Miguel Peacewalkers and This Republic Can started at the courthouse at noon and marched down Colorado Avenue. On the 11th of every month it’s become a tradition to give witness to the two wars we’re in, to remember the lives lost on 9/11 and in wars around the world, and to demonstrate our commitment to peace … Come join us today at the lunch hour. After the march, we’ll be having lunch together in the vault at Lucas’s Cocina de Luz. It’s open to everyone. We can spend time eating and speaking about the peace we want and the wars we’ve got.

YUYUTSU SHARMSA … The Norwood Writers Guild has teamed up with the Wilkinson Library to present Nepali poet Yuyutsu Sharmsa at a free public reading of his poetry (in English) this coming Sunday (Valentine’s Day) at 2 p.m. … Yuyu is a good buddy of Bill Seaton, a poet in upstate New York whose daughter was one of my early student charges in a previous lifetime when I taught pre-school in San Francisco (actually pre-school and politics are not all that different in a lot of ways – both are about managing the unreasonable). Bill recommended Yuyu to us, and we figured out a Western Slope tour that will begin at the Art Center in Grand Junction (thanks to poet & Latin scholar Luis Lopez), move to the Wilkinson Library in Telluride (thanks to amazing storyteller Scott Doser), and then finish up with three readings in the Roaring Fork Valley (thanks to neo-beat Kim Nuzzo of the Aspen Poets Society) … There’s actually a Nepali restaurant in Junction and small diaspora of Nepalese. We only have Yuyu for a few hours Sunday afternoon. But come hear him read and meet a mountain poet from halfway around the globe.

TELLING IT REAL … Peter Anderson of Crestone took over publishing and editing Pilgrimage magazine from 2002 to this past year. Under his skillful expertise, it became a wonderful regional Western Slope compendium of stories and poetry of spirit and place-based wisdom. He has now handed over the editorship to Maria Melendez, a talented poet with several collections of poetry from the University of Arizona Press and editorial experience with the Latino Poetry Review and Momotombo Press. She will be running the new Pilgrimage out of Pueblo, Colorado … Meanwhile, Peter has finished up with Issue #34 as an anthology of the Best of Pilgrimage (2003-2009): Telling It Real. The collection includes poems by a trio of San Miguel County poets – Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, Ellen Metrick and myself. Copies are available on line at www.pilgrimagepress.org for $24 (postage paid).

BUST ECONOMICS … According to my good friend Lance Christie of Moab, the Centre for Research on Globalization’s Matthias Chang predicts the U.S. economy will implode in the second quarter of 2010. The primary causes of this economic collapse he describes are: (a) the debasement of world currencies by the creation of “stimulus money” by the world’s central banks, including the Federal Reserve of the U.S., and (b) a new wave of commercial and residential foreclosures in the U.S. starting in early 2010. Chang points out that the Fed has already spent trillions of [newly created fiat currency] dollars buying mortgages from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae with no alternative buyer in sight who will take these off the Fed’s hands … The European financial firm Societe Generale projects public debt will reach 105% of gross domestic product in the United Kingdom, 125% of GDP in the U.S. and the European Economic Union, and 270% of GDP in Japan in the next two years, with total world debt reaching $45 trillion. Chang asks, “How will this debt be repaid?” … Notes Christie, “From where I lurk, there are only two alternative answers to that question. The fantasy answer: what the powers-who-think-they-are hope for is that the world economy will miraculously recover with strong ‘real’ economic growth (increased capital capacity for and production of consumable goods and services), which will in turn increase government tax revenues from which income stream the debt can be serviced. The level of economic growth required to generate an adequate income stream to service this massive public debt far exceeds economic growth observed in the best of economic times in the past few decades … The other answer to that question, which is the probable one we will realize, is that the world central banks will ‘print’ yet more ‘toilet paper currency,’ causing debasement of those currencies, thus writing off national debt through inflation … The national unemployment rate for the U.S. as a whole was 10.2% in October, 3.6% higher than October 2008's 6.6%.


The Mistake

have you noticed

the joy of catching and fixing

the mistake

when writing out the new date

and notice the flow and spin

to change a zero (almost a 9)

to a 10 by fronting a one

welcome then to twenty ten

-Danny Rosen


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Human capital or
February 15, 2010

We cant afford to store our human capital until the next high season. Lets find a way to be able to actually have our humans afford to work here in Mountain Village.

There ought to be a law.
Peaks Bloodbath
February 15, 2010
begins..gutting the pay of Spa and Housekeeping employees...to pay for the purchase last year...

What will the Peaks do to our neighbors next?
Yo, Art..
February 12, 2010
The Peaks has gutted the pay structure of its long timers...investment yields on the backs of its underpaid workers...

Can you see about getting them some cushy county jobs?