Protest Property Taxes
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If you live within the Norwood City Limits, and would like some help protesting your Commercial property taxes, here are a few tips.

One could argue that the taxes are too high, and are unfair, mainly because the Town of Norwood hasn't been enforcing their Land Use Code for the past several years. This has resulted in noncompliant businesses being run out of properties zoned Residential. The tax rate applicable to residential properties is typically about five times lower than commercial rates.

It appears the reasoning behind the Land Use Code not being enforced is purely political. Does the Town Board Government believe it can randomly enforce the laws they impose on the community? This makes one wonder if any Town Board members, or their family or close friends have had, or currently have illegal businesses, as described in the Town of Norwood LUC, or if this is just a political way of avoiding high taxes.

The main argument would be that legal businesses are being taxed at a rate five times higher than those businesses that are not operating in a legal fashion because of a conscious decision by the Town not to enforce the LUC. This comes under the equality part of taxation: It's completely unfair to those who chose to follow the LUC, and run ethical and upfront businesses.

Another salient point would be the overall nationwide decline in Real Estate values, which have affected pricing in San Miguel County. Our local values here have decreased dramatically. During the good times, downtown Norwood commercial property was selling for as high as $300 a sq. ft. Since the recession hit, commercial core prices have decreased to as little as $86 a sq. ft. Quite the spread.

There are companies around that will protest your taxes for you, and for a reasonable fee. Usually the fee is based on a percentage of the savings they obtain for you. Please feel free to contact me with questions or comments.

Yours truly,

Craig Greager
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