I’ll Take John Daly Over Tiger Woods Any Day
by Gus Jarvis
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Just one week after Tiger Woods’ tearful, yet seemingly fake apology to his fans and wife, Elin for his long list of recent sexcapades, Gatorade joined the likes of Accenture and AT&T and has officially dropped Tiger in its marketing campaign. On Tuesday, it was reported that Woods has now left the clinic where he is being treated for sex addiction and has begun to train and practice for an upcoming return to golf. The world is eagerly watching to see if Tiger can pull himself out of this hole and return as the world’s greatest golfer. Tiger does not, after all, want to turn into another John Daly.

Daly, the circus clown professional golfer known for smoking while teeing off, drinking beer, suspensions, topless fans, and a huge beer gut, is once again in the news with the release of his 456-page PGA Tour personnel file that basically lists everything he has done wrong since the Tour first disciplined him back in 1991, when he cursed a playing partner during a Tour event in Mississippi.

According to, Daly’s file was recently turned over to Morris Publishing lawyers on a court order after Daly lost his 2005 lawsuit against Morris. The file became court property last fall after Daly dropped his appeal of the summary judgment issued in favor of Morris in March 2009.

A story describing Daly’s extensive personnel file was published on Tuesday in the Florida Times-Union and lists incidents covering 18 years, during which time Daly was fined almost $100,000. He was suspended from the Tour five times, placed on probation six times and was issued a slew of other punishments.

For me, Daly has always been kind of a joke, yet I always liked him for some dumb reason. Daly is like reliving my college days over and over again – and it never gets old. Remember the time when he hit a ball off a beer can during the 2008 Buick Open pro-am? Juvenile but fun, especially on a snobby golf course. Or when he trashed a hotel room during the 1997 Players Championship and missed his tee time? Sounds like a buddy of mine. How about all the times when he played shirtless? That was grotesque, yet entertaining.

Less entertaining and a lot more serious, Daly’s file also details the time he nearly hit an Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agent with his car after he failed to stop at a security checkpoint at the 2005 U.S. Open in North Carolina. The list of his poor actions in the golf world is long and eventful.

Probably Daly’s most famous incident occurred in 2008 when he received a six-month suspension after he passed out drunk outside a Hooters restaurant in Winston-Salem, N.C. He spent the night in jail that evening and the Tour fined him $10,000 and required him to participate in an in-patient alcohol treatment program.

Since that suspension from the Tour, Daly has not made much of a comeback, playing on sponsor exemptions only and has made the cut only a handful of times. But while Daly hasn’t been able to play golf as he used to, he remains popular as ever. Last year, he underwent weight loss surgery and has lost over 80 pounds. Then, just last week his second reality show, Being John Daly, premiered on The Golf Channel.

Would you call Daly’s actions since being suspended from the Tour a comeback? Well, I certainly wouldn’t call it a comeback on the links but certainly a comeback in the public eye. Golf Digest estimated that Daly made more than $4 million last year away from the golf course.

Now maybe there are people out there who believe Daly is a disgusting pig and has no business being anywhere near the game of golf – and maybe that’s true. But why in my mind do I tend to like Daly, yet I can’t seem to forgive, or even like, Tiger Woods and his extramarital mistakes?

Maybe it’s that I have more in common with Daly. I like Hooters. I like beer. I have a pretty good-looking beer gut. I am imperfect and like to have fun. I am not pretty. Daly’s improper actions, for the most part, hurt himself more than anything.

Tiger, on the other hand, is the image of perfection. No humility. It hurts him to smile. He doesn’t have a beer gut. He is arrogant. His actions, unlike Daly, have hurt others rather than himself.

Unlike Woods, I do have the self control to say “no” to the Perkins waitress giving me the eye. I am not like Tiger Woods in any way. That’s why Tiger’s road back to the top is going to be so tough. He isn’t likeable and he won’t stoop low enough to make his own reality show – something that America thrives on these days.

I guess it all goes back to the saying that “expectations are the precursor to disappointment.”

We all expected perfection out of Tiger and we are all disappointed.

We all expect John Daly out of John Daly and we haven’t been disappointed yet.
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