Entheogens, medicinals & Plenty of Edibles
by Art Goodtimes
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SHROOMFEST #30… For 30 years the Telluride Mushroom Festival has been exploring “all things fungal & entheogenic”, even during times when the unscientific repression of non-lethal psychedelics was at its peak. The so-called “Drug War” – as though warring on a nation’s own citizens for exercising personal freedoms were an acceptable practice for any government – has been a dismal failure. Drug trafficking is a huge international economic enterprise that, like Prohibition, has only grown more virulent the more money thrown at stopping it. Which is simple economics. The less product available translates into higher prices and more profits for those able to sell. And inevitably leads to corruption. An untenable number of prison inmates. Youthful indiscretions turned into felonies. Our drug laws are the real gateway to crime, making life-time criminals of first-time offenders … Telluride has been one of the few antidotes to that kind of thinking in the country. For three decades, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Thomas Szasz, Dr. Lynn Margulis, Dr. Ethan Nadelmann, Dr. Kary Mullis, Dr. Wade Davis, Dr. Rick Doblin, Dr. Emanuel Salzman, Dr. Sasha Shulgin and a host of others have been discussing and presenting scientific evidence of the medicinal value of entheogens and fungi. And as the recent John Hopkins study has shown, the evidence of mental and even physical healing from entheogens is mounting. It’s far past time we revised our drug laws to reflect the science, not the unfounded bias against plant, fungal and chemical helpers … We take aspirin, and yet it’s a poison if the dosage is overdone. But if we take cannabis or psilocybe, sleep is the most likely response to an overdose. One is a “safe” legal drug that doesn’t even need a prescription. The others are “dangerous” illegal drugs that can get you thrown in jail for using in the privacy of your own home … None of this makes rational sense. Especially in a nation where we celebrate and insist on exporting our freedoms. Which is why the presentations at the Telluride Mushroom Festival have been so important for all these years … You don’t have to take illegal substances to discuss and understand where entheogens might fit into a strengthened social fabric, a free and open society, and an America rid of the largest prison population in the world … Check out the mushroom schedule in this paper. There are many and wondrous talks. And don’t miss the parade. There’s a costume contest this year, with winners announced after the evening panel forum on “Entheogens as Mind Medicine.”

SEASON’S HARVEST … OK, I’m a hopeless romantic. A throwback to an age when folks actually believed that the Western myth of the rugged individual was built on the Western reality of rural cooperation … When I first came to Telluride, it was the food co-op and the non-commercial radio station and the old high school artists’ building (where the elementary school is today) that most attracted me to the town. Not the skiing – that was just the non-extractive economic engine … Of course, these days I’m loving the skiing, and as a senior I get affordable earlybird prices (if anything in T-ride is ever affordable) … So, when the artist lofts sold to the school district (after the roof fell in) and the food co-op bit the dust, I was at least happy to see KOTO continue (long live community radio!) … For a few years I joined the Durango Food Co-op, though I only made it down there a couple times year … I still shop at natural/organic food stores when I can, but there hasn’t been the opportunity of joining a food co-op in our area for ages. Which is why I was delighted to learn that Ridgway’s Melissa Johnson and Patrick Morris were trying to turn their excellent natural foods market into a co-op. There’s a membership drive going on right now, and they’re close to their target numbers. I’ve joined up. You Telluriders and Norwoodians who drive through Ridgway a lot ought to consider it as well … Call Melissa at 626-9719 … My son Rio has taken economics courses at Ft. Lewis, but I don’t need any drillings in the dismal science to know that we vote with our money – where we spend it dictates which stores/companies survive and which regions benefit. Shopping at City Market (which I do some) supports Club 20 & the Prinster Family of Grand Junction. Shopping at WalMart (which I rarely do) supports the Walton family fortune, sweat shops in China & child labor in Bangladesh (allegedly). Shopping at Season’s Harvest in Ridgway (which I do a lot) supports our community here in the Western San Juans. Money spent in Ouray and San Miguel Counties circulates in our region several times over. Money spent in the Montrose big boxes uses up a ridiculous carbon footprint to ship our money out of the region. Those are dollars taken out of local circulation for someone else’s benefit … However, since I’m on the road for politics a lot (those that show up make the decisions), I pass through Ridgway often on my way to Denver or Fort Colllins and it makes sense to join up, even at a ridiculous distance from where I live. I’m supporting an outlet for local food sales (moving as we all are – or should be – towards becoming locavores), strengthening community values, keeping dollars in circulation locally, and making wonderful friends in an adjoining watershed … It was a coop movement that founded Nucla. San Miguel Power Association is a coop still. Why not support the nearest food coop in our region and make all of us stronger, our economy more resilient?



- for Pablo & Dusty

Hiking alone up a morning ravine

in the wild Santa Cruz mountains.

Dappled shadows through laurel leaf

& porcupine-thick pine boughs.

Moss-skinned stones splashed with

water whispering its way to the sea.

There! Spotlighted on a bench of sun

one lone parasol of red (Hygrophorus

I would learn later). Waxy cap &

stem stunning in its phallic form

& solitary rise, as though springing

full grown from out the brow of

the creek’s bank. Miracle of fungal life

& death recycled. A mycelial mystery

that started it all for me – the Way of

the Fungophile. Tracking the hyphae

of chthonic connections from roots

to fruiting bodies. Enzymes to alkaloids.

Ekto/endo mutualism to Terence McKenna’s

entheogenic consciousness. Coming to

understand reciprocal appropriation. How

the fungal kindom is affording us

the opportunity now – in the shadow

of the mushroom cloud – to help

heal the planet we as a viral

species have infected. Irradiated.

Baptized & globalized. One

lone ‘shroom. Revealing herself in

nature as the thousand-armed goddess.

Icon. Antidote. Our best hope.

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August 31, 2010
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